FirePro Aerosol Systems | Australia

Ozone Friendly - Cost Effective - Gas System Alternative.  FirePro is an exciting new developement in fire Protection. It uses no high pressure cylinders, no pipework, does not require expensive maintenance procedures and is suitable for all types of risk.  FirePro has been evaluated and verified as conforming with the requirements of AS 4487-2013 Condensed Aerosol fire Extinguishing Systems.

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METHOD OF FIRE FIGHTING - FirePro Aerosol Generators use FPC aerosol forming solid compound. On activation the compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts.

FirePro® main characteristics
Certified to AS 4487 Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
Certified to AS 5062 Fire Protection for Mobile Plant & Transportable Equip.
Autonomous and Automatic
Compatible to any conventional alarm / detection system.
Space and weight saving.
Activated electrically or thermally. Suitable for A, B, E  fires.
The coolant is a natural mineral.
Does not contain pyrotechnic material.
Subject to lower maintenance costs compared to pressurised systems.
Fail-safe activation system ensures operation, even if everything else fails.
Has a long operational life.
Ozone Depletion Potential (O.D.P.) = 0
Atmospheric Life Time (A.L.T.) = 0
Global Warming Potential (G.W.P.) = 0
Non-corrosive & Non-toxic
The Managing Director said: “Our company could have been lost because of this fire.  Another extinguishing system, on the basis of water, could have caused damages for tons of euros.”...... Read More
Coca Cola Hellenic Group, CYPRESS
"We have installed FirePro in our Coca Cola Plant in the following areas; 1. All electrical distribution boards; 2. All electrical panels; 3. All power factoring control units (PFCUs); 4. In the central computer; 5. Server Racks.  Furthermore, your systems performed effectively on those occasions where fire incidents occurred".......Read More
Mittal Steel, SOUTH AFRICA
An 11 kv breaker exploded in one of the substations due to an electrical fault.  The damage in a previous similar occurrence (which did NOT have a FirePro system) was estimated at 27 Million Rand. This time the damage amounted only to the cleaning, painting of the panel and replacing of the breaker.. Read More
Police Ministry - Traffic Division ISRAEL
"We have purchased a number of FirePro fire extinguishing systems for our speed cameras on highways.  In 15 attempts at arson (apart from one when they broke and damaged the system) the system automatically activated and extinguished the fire.  There was no damage to the cameras"...... Read More